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To assist in obtaining accuracy with the Feng Shui analysis, you will need to provide the following prior to the consultation:


In order to provide an accurate Feng Shui analysis, the Feng Shui consultant will use the following information:

§The floor plan of your premise (residential

and/or commercial)

§The age of your premise

§Brief introduction and discussion of any client concern(s) from the checklist

§Approximately 3-4 hours (depending on size of the premise) of your time to discuss aspects of each room.

§Accurate compass direction reading with the Lopan (picture left) of your premise which will be determined on site.


The consultant will spend time at your premise to assess the energies surrounding and within your premise. After assessing the energies your consultant will be able to convey what you may potentially and /or may have been experiencing in this home with regards to finances, health and relationships.



You will be provided with the following:

To achieve successful result from the Feng Shui consult, it is recommended that you:

The core of the consult will be determined by using the most accurate form of Feng Shui which is called Flying Stars. The chart consists of numbers in grid configuration that connects with various sectors of your premise. The combination of numbers has a certain meaning to indicate whether or not the Feng Shui of your premise energetically supports your finances, relationship and health.


For instance, the Feng Shui of the front entrance to any premise will determine the occupant’s ability to make money whilst in the occupant’s bedroom; it can determine whether the premise supports the occupant’s health and relationship. As all premises have positive, negative and neutral energetic qualities; the consultant’s task is to ensure that balance is restored by neutralizing the unwanted negative qualities and enhancing the positive qualities.


With the additional knowledge of Geomancy, Sick Building Syndrome and Space Clearing, the Feng Shui consultant will be able to identify the health and wellbeing of the premise. Cases where these issues occur in your premise, referral to a dedicated consultant may be recommended to completely resolve these concern(s).




As a practice this tends to deal with the location of particular types of stress in the environment that can essentially cause disorder to weaken the site and enhances/attracts imbalance and disease(s) into the life of the occupants residing in that area.



Also known as Building Biology which focuses on the physical aspects of the premise such as electromagnetic fields, indoor air quality, moulds, dust, water quality and household chemicals that can upset the health, daily living and quality of sleep of the occupants.



The process of creating a sacred space involves removing/ purifying unwanted stagnant energies within the premise and bringing in new more uplifting energies within the premise to create a happy, loving and enriched life for the occupants.


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