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How can Feng Shui benefit you?

§Feng Shui is an instrument which maximises the potential of any building and correctly balancing that potential so that the energy can benefit the occupants in all areas of life. Hence why some premises seem to be more comfortable than others and some tend to be on the selling market all the time.


§It can create a healthy, happy and prosperous atmosphere to a building. The detection of geopathic stress and sick building syndrome in the home can minimise any potential illnesses.


§Many years ago, the Chinese used Feng Shui as a planning tool to understand life’s cyclical changes. It allowed them to stay in control of what was going on. Today, in the same way, Feng Shui can help you plan so that you can take advantage of all the good energy/ influences and avoid any upcoming negative energy/ influences for the coming year. The blueprint of each premise can therefore bring opportunity, abundance, happiness and harmony when tapped into correctly.


§It positions the individual into a better harmony with themselves, the environment, elements of nature and essentially enhances the individual’s destiny and opportunity prospects.


§With the application of Feng Shui as a tool, it can abundantly help you select a building (residential or business) that’s going to be prosperous, healthy, harmonious and successful.












Fen has consulted on a number of occasions with my past homes. Prior to selling my last home, I was advised to do a number of changes to the property before selling. As soon as it was released on the market for sale, the agents told us that no other property was attracting as much interest. With the aid of Feng Shui we sold our home even before it was published in the papers. This was in total contrast to when we were trying to sell a couple of years ago where we couldn’t find a buyer for more than nine months and eventually decided to take it off the market.


Since then, I have gladly used ‘Feng Shui Fen’s Way’ and consulted with Fen in every major home related decision.  With recent purchase of a building plot and co-ordinating design layout with the builder, Fen had noticed many issues (Feng Shui and architectural structure related) which were not noticed by me. Fen addressed not only verbally as with most Feng Shui consultants but with professional binded booklets as well as E-copies. Fen is also prompt and approachable as well as very professional in dealing with her clients. We were not just another client.

S. Singh (Greystanes, NSW)





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Our contact with Fen was to initially get a floor plan done for our home. However, after learning that Fen also conducts Feng Shui audits, we decided to have our home done. We like our home but always felt something was not right yet we were unable to pin point what it is that is not right. I still can’t believe that shortly after the audit, my husband got his long awaited promotion at work, my daughter’s health improved which we later learned was from the geopathic stress over her bed and I attained more clients in my home business which I thought was at its last leg. Fen took the time to explain every question we asked her on the day of the consult. The second visit was also fantastic; Fen provided us with a beautiful written report, explained the contents thoroughly and ensured that we fully understood the outcome of the Feng Shui audit. Fen’s professionalism was carried through from the initial enquiry to the final stage of the audit.

R. Whitworth (Double Bay, NSW)


Fen has been such a wonderful person to consult with. From the moment we met, I felt that I was in good hands. Not only does Fen have fantastic knowledge in Feng Shui, but she truly cares about what she does and really knows how to apply it. Fen is also extremely organised and efficient which ensures that we get to the root causes quickly. Since having her consultation and applying the changes to our home, we have noticed a significant change in our health and family. These were our two priority areas. Our family issues which were ongoing, seemed to naturally resolve themselves. It felt as if obstacles where suddenly removed. Also a health issue I was struggling with improved dramatically. I felt the best I have in the last 10 years. I genuinely got the feeling that Fen came to my home with the true intention of improving our life, wanting the best for me and my home. I feel so lucky to have found her.

O.Vozila (Lane Cove, NSW)















I was a sceptic and was never into Feng Shui. When I lost my job and my marriage was almost over, my sister suggested that I contact Fen for a Feng Shui consult but I kept delaying it. I realised how dedicated Fen is when after the million questions that I had asked her, Fen was still promptly answering my emails and phone calls about Feng Shui. A very passionate lady especially when talking about Feng Shui and she always made me feel like I was the most important client in the world. One of the best investments I made was when I finally got Fen to Feng Shui my house; she has a way with explaining things that made me want to learn more about Feng Shui. I’m proud to say that Feng Shui did change my life for the better. I now love my job and my marriage. I absolutely love the artwork that she gave me as part of the consult, the artwork is unique and suited to our circumstance.

A. Mileno-Winn (Prestons, NSW)






















I have found Fen and her Feng Shui consultation to be of great benefit to me & my family. There has been some very beneficial increases in many areas of my life like health, relationships, finances and generally a more content feeling from the inside out.  Fen always displays a very professional approach and has studied a very wide range of modalities and has grown up with Feng Shui, which made me feel very safe with her advice. I have recommended Fen to my Sister, Mother & a few friends and to date they have all been very happy with her advice.

T.Loviz (Winmalee, NSW)













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