"A great consultant not only seeks out what it is their client's hoping to achieve from the consultation but knows precisely how to communicate the outcomes back into the client’s language.”(Fen Ingersole, 2009)

Fen is currently a Professional member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants (International) Inc. and Professional member of the International Feng Shui Association (Australian Chapter).

As a qualified Martial Arts Instructor and a graduate of a Bachelor of Education degree in Mathematics, Fen realised that teaching wasn't enough so she changed careers into management hoping to find self-contentment. Approximately 20 yrs ago, Fen developed an interest in Feng Shui. Fen studied and practiced it on herself for fun but it soon led into something more fruitful.


In 2006, Fen decided to seriously study Feng Shui with Lillian Too's Master Practitioner Course in Malaysia and winning 2nd prize in the group case study. Fen pursued to further expand her Feng Shui knowledge by enrolling with the most comprehensive Australian College of Environmental Studies, graduating with High Distinctions and Distinctions in Certificate IV Feng Shui course. Whilst at the same time completing a Diploma of Architectural Technology, Fen attained 2nd Place and graduated at Credit level.


Fen loves the teaching and managing aspects. Together with her knowledge of Feng Shui, Fen established Feng Shui Fen’s WayTM in Sydney, Australia. Feng Shui Fen’s WayTM main objective of 'Success and Happiness Always' is what is expected and carried through in every consultation. Fen applies Classical Feng Shui techniques in her consult and can incorporate modern Feng Shui to suit each client's needs. Feng Shui Fen’s WayTM services includes:


- Residential, Office, Factories and Warehouse Feng Shui

- Pre purchase homes Feng Shui assessments

- New home designs with Feng Shui in mind

- Floor plan drawing

- Public Speaking on Feng Shui

- Feng Shui Workshops (private and/or business)


Fen has combined her passion for oil painting into providing personalised Feng Shui artwork in her Feng Shui consultations (Please enquire about the Premium Package). The unique feature of using the consultation as the basis to draw this artwork, means that no two painting are the same and that the Feng Shui painting with authentic certificate is exclusive to each Feng Shui Fen’s WayTM client’s house and/or business consultation.


Fen is certain this is where she is supposed to be. Fen thoroughly loves applying her teaching experience within the Feng Shui consulting and assisting various people from all walks of life to prosper through Feng Shui.



Master Practitioner Course in Feng Shui Makes Site Visit to Putrajaya

field tripputrajayaGroup Photo

Lillian Too’s Master Practitioners Course, Class of November 2006 attracted a large number of well travelled people from all walks of life. They came from Peru, New Zealand, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Qatar, Netherlands, Sweden, Dubai, and Brunei but most of them were not born in the countries they currently lived in. Several of the Westerners attending the class had either retired or doing business (and thus living) in Asian countries such as India, Singapore and Malaysia. The Asians who came meanwhile had settled in Western countries! It sure is a small world !!

The Course focused on providing a comprehensive understanding of feng shui knowledge to students, a couple of whom were total amateurs. All felt comfortable with Lillian’s pace and style of teaching. In fact everyone mentioned they could not get enough of it. The Course aimed to sharpen their feng shui eye so they can apply relevant formulas of feng shui with confidence.Lillian’s approach is to teach the theory with plenty of examples and stories, and then to back up the lectures with practical work. This way the living skill of feng shui is not just academic theory but is instead very practical indeed.

This course, for the first time, Lillian brought her students on a site visit to Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia. This is where the Prime Minister’s office and other government bodies and buildings are located. Lillian explained the significant feng shui features of Putrajaya, and how the feng shui there has an effect on the country’s feng shui.

Later in the week, students were given a link house (a residential property) to analyse as part of their practical case study. Students worked in groups of four to submit the best and most comprehensive feng shui report, after making a site visit, analysed the floor plans and checked the residents birth particulars. Winners of the competition were announced at the fun filled Graduation Dinner, where food and wine flowed freely.

The winning teams of the case study were:

1st Place (Group B)
Andrew Yap
Theresa Ho
Supriya Ramesh Kumar
Priscilla Boy

2nd Place (Group F)
Amelia Theresa Foon
Fen Ingersole
Joan Madrid Vega
Hiroka Urakawa
Aruna Ravithasan

3rd Place (Group E)
Anabelle Chin
Geraldine Kauffman
Urszula Sosnowska
Wena E R Brussaard


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Bachelor of Education

Diploma of Architectural Technology

Cert IV Small Business Management

Cert IV Front Line Management

Cert IV Feng Shui

Master Practitioner Certificate – Lillian Too Institute, Malaysia

4th Dan Black Belt (Okinawa Karate GoJu Ryu Mei Bu Kan Aust)

Colour Therapy certificate (Level 1)

Professional Member of Association of Feng Shui Consultants (AFSC)

Professional member of International Feng Shui Association


Association of Feng Shui Consultants


Fen with Raymond Lo (Principal of Professional Feng Shui Researchers and Practitioner)


Fen with Liz Wiggins (Co-Founder of AFSC and Principal of Feng Shui Living)


Fen with Vic Ketis (Principal of Australian Academy of Feng Shui)



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Fen wth Jennifer TooFen with Jennifer Too and Jack (World Of Feng Shui - WOFS)


















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Graduatn-MPCAward Presentation - 2nd Place Case Study. L to R: Aruna (UK), Hiroka (USA), Fen (AUS), Joan (USA), Amelia (WOFS Singapore) and Lillian Too


Fen wth Lillian

Fen with Lillian Too

(Owner of World Of Feng Shui -WOFS)


Fen wth Nicole

Fen with Nicole (Principal of Australian College of Environmental Studies -ACES)

Fen wth Katina

Fen with Katina (Australian College of Environmental Studies -ACES)
















Howard and Fen

Fen with Howard Choy

(Principal of Feng Shui Architect)



Fen wth Pascale

Fen with Pascale Osanz (Spirale)




Fen with Jodi Brunner (Former AFSC President and Principal of Feng Shui Research Centre)


Fen wth GayleAtherton

Fen with Gayle Atherton

(Feng Shui Dragon Enterprise)








Fen with PailFS

Fen with Paul Fenton Smith

(Founder of Academy of Psychic Sciences)



Fen with JerryK

Fen with Jerry King

(Principal of White Dragon Consulting)















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